About Me


My name is Hailey, my blog is going to consist of journal entries that are from my real life and my everyday struggles with bipolar II and life in general. I will do my best to also give reference for people who don’t know much about bipolar as it can be a handful to manage at any given time.

Just a bit of back story for you; I’m 25 and I grew up in Canada and about a year ago I moved to London, UK . My whole family is back in Canada and I don’t get to go home very often. I have a dog who I love to pieces and miss like crazy being on another continent. My mother is constantly on me to buy a plane ticket and move home and my dad misses me too but I am enjoying living abroad but it has it’s struggles as you will find out by reading my blog.

I’m starting 2018 off fresh with how my life has changed!


xx Hailey