Rough shape

July 27/16

I have no appetite, and my sleep is a rough process, I don’t get much. I’m in the midst of an insane bipolar episode… I feel physically sick to my stomach. I said I want to go home which is funny since that’s one of the last places I want to be… I don’t know what’s going on with me but I’m going crazy, I can’t keep up with my emotions changing so quickly. Happy, sad, angry, anxious. Liam is hurting me in ways he can’t understand… I can’t talk to him about almost anything at all. I’m so angry and sad most of my friends don’t give a fuck about me and I can barely speak to anyone about anything… I told Liam I miss home, he said I should call home… he doesn’t get it and it’s annoying that he doesn’t understand. I just want a hug and kisses and a cuddle. I feel like dirt and I’m so upset I just want Liam here…. I really just need a hug……

xx Hailey


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