July 22/16

Brighton tomorrow!!! So glad I’m going alone on this one. Time to be strong and independent once again. I need to do this more often really. I moved to England on my own and I’m doing pretty well. I look after myself and I get shit done and I’m 3,500 miles from home. I’m doing the things most people won’t do because it’s not easy to pick up, drop everything and move, and to another country where you don’t know anyone.

I should be happy and still excited to live in London where the world is at such a short distance, well Europe. Planes to other countries that are 2-3 hours or less. Canada is so big, it’s like five hours from Toronto to Vancouver. I supposed I just love adventure, cities, countries, continents, all are fine with me. It’s always hard because I want to see more of the UK but I also want to see Europe and the cost difference is minimal. At least day trips are less expensive.

My goal this year/new years resolution was to visit three countries besides Canada and the UK, looks like I will be able to achieve that goal in October. Hopefully I can try for four countries because I would love to go to Amsterdam or Prague. I suppose three countries is pretty good though, I’m just greedy and always want more, maybe it’s okay since it got me here. Always reaching for the stars.

People think I’m brave for just up and moving, I’ve never really thought about it in that capacity. I feel like I was just born to do this, prepared to walk this different path in my life. My life in Canada was holding me back, I wanted a clean slate because my past always haunts me while I’m in Canada. I came to a place where no one knew me, not a single person. Moving for me was clean and calculated. I’m here to do things, like push my career forward and travel, and grow up and grow as a person.

So far I’m doing most of those things and it feels good to say that I’m achieving my goals and progressing my life forward. Travelling makes me happy because I get to try new things, have new experiences and learn things as well. This journey will always be a big accomplishment in my life, no matter where I end up. Now to Brighton!

xx Hailey


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