June 24/16

Today was the day the poll numbers were released for Brexit… its final, the UK is leaving the EU. I will never be able to live in London without a visa. The pound is dropping like a stone… and I though I was broke before… should have transferred money before the referendum, but it didn’t seem like this would be the results. My money will no longer double.

Moving home is becoming a reality quickly… I’m living in a country that fucked itself… All that is left now is the time and space between now and a flight home to Canada, where it seems like I belong. Isn’t it funny how these things mess up people’s lives bit by bit. My issues with this are mild compared to many others. My life has been re-directed again… to the unknown.

I will have Irish citizenship but I may never use it for much. The EU may completely deteriorate  now that the United Kingdom is leaving. I’m not entirely sure what this means for UK nationals, but I know what it means for me. It will determine how I will be leaving England and with a heavy heart and my head in my hands. I will be moving within the next 11 months guaranteed. I’m on thin ice as it is… I should plan to move home actually.

I have two things left on my list of things to do in London, Hampton Court and The London Eye, also The Warner Bros studio tour as well. I should make plans to go to Hampton Court Palace and work on saying goodbye to the people who I love and will miss terribly. Riley, Alex, Kate, and especially Liam… I know some of them will miss me too. It will be nice to have friends in England at least.

It’s positive, I have had an amazing experience in London no matter what is next for me in life. It’s scary not to know what’s ahead and really have no plans about what to do… its sort of hanging in the balance honestly. Usually I don’t mind these situations because it’s a new adventure, but this time I’m not very excited… just nervous and worried. It’s still not fully real to me yet… like it’s not actually happening. I need to take this as it comes.

xx Hailey


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