The lion and the fox

June 16/16

I am a lion according to Liam, he said my hair is like a mane haha it’s that kind of colour, dirty blonde. I have decided if I am a lion than he should be a fox, I have a weird obsession with Foxes since moving to England, we don’t really have them in Canada – they are the equivalent of raccoons. I want a fox tattoo to symbolize my time in England and it would sort of be an inside joke. We both love foxes, even if they scare me sometimes because they appear out of nowhere in the dark. They are my new favourite animal.

My tattoo will be the best souvenir I can get I think. I’ll get a fox tattoo before I move home I think. I just need to plan to get it sooner than later if I have to move home. I have about two months to find a job to be able to stay in England, the search is on.

I want to stay here where Liam is, in my favourite city in the world as of right now. London beats St. Catharines, Toronto and Burlington. It’s expensive and I’m really far away from my family and most of my friends. But I love London more that I ever thought I would, even more than New York City. There is just something about London that I will never get over. Of course it helps having Riley and Liam and sometimes Alex as well.

Job hunting is hard though, I’m scared to move home, deal with my mother all the time (my mom is schizophrenic and I never know what I’m going to get at any given time because she has crazier mood swings than I do), I won’t have a car, I’ll be unemployed… and all the nonsense that comes with it.

Falling in love with things is so hard… and I will be dying to come back to Europe to visit Riley and maybe Liam too. I will seriously miss them when the time comes for me to go home permanently, even Alex, being silly and pestering my about my relationship with Liam since we aren’t really forthcoming about our relationship. Alex is funny and awesome, and he gives good hugs because he’s so tall, like 6’1 or something.

Riley is always there for me when I need a friend and Liam is the best non-boyfriend boyfriend a girl could ask for, he’s such a sweetheart. I feel like I was meant to meet Liam, like the universe cosmically decided to show me what it’s like to have a genuinely nice, sweet, amazing guy in my life even if only for a while.

I really just  love him… it makes me so happy and so sad that I love him the way I do. He wants the best for me. He’s silly and sexy to me because not only is he very cute, but his personality is why I love him, there are attractive guys all over the place, but they don’t have his personality.

xx Hailey


2 thoughts on “The lion and the fox

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