Where is my home?

June 6/16

Being back in Canada is very strange for me. I can drive almost as if I never left since I don’t drive in England at all, you know the whole driving on the left side of the road weirdness. I like being home but funny enough I miss London – England.

I like seeing my family and friends, Hannah especially. I’m praying that I will be able to stay in England and go to Barcelona with Hannah in October. St. Catharines is still kind of strange to me, but it’s getting better. It’s better now that my room resembles my room I had before I left, my old room in Burlington. It’s really nice to see Kali too (Kali is my German Shepherd X Border Collie mix) , I’ve missed her so much, and when we were reunited she went crazy, not as crazy as Blue would have gone but crazy for Kali (Blue was my Blue Merle Miniature Australian Shepherd that I had to put down in November of 2013).

I only have a week left here before I go back to England, to Liam and Riley and Kate. It’s all so strange to have a home in more than one place, feels weird to me. Everything will feel less strange in time I suppose. The new house is just small, otherwise it’s okay. You would think I would be used to small living in London in a flat.

I guess familiar things make it feel like home. I’ve been slowly unpacking my boxes from before I left and from my parents moving while I was away. I’ve been unpacking them since I got home because I needed stuff that was in them. Nothing fits anywhere… I just hope everything works out okay, that’s all I want, something just beyond mediocrity.

xx Hailey


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