June 13/16

I arrived back in London this morning and I crashed after I had unpacked my suitcases. Also I have finally deleted months of texts from my phone in the hopes that my phone will run better as it’s been acting up lately. I did a major phone clean which will hopefully help with my battery life.

I think I need to pay closer attention to my behaviour if I ever want to get anywhere. Your outlook, approach and attitude towards thing – anything really – can make a real difference on how enjoyable your life is. Negativity never got anyone anywhere. I think I can do whatever I set my mind to do, I moved to England on my own didn’t I?

I think I have always overlooked clearly stating my goals and creating an action plan to try to achieve them. Here goes, I plan to stay in England and find a job, while I continue to look for a graphic design position. I plan to travel more, and I want to really focus on myself, my wants and on going after what I want. This time boys should not be on that list because they can be very distracting. If I stumble over the one in a million by all means, but no more pursuit.

xx Hailey


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