Home is a state of mind

May 26/16

As May comes to a close I am getting ready for all my trips and mainly my trip home to Canada after so long. I have become a London girl, and I’m okay calling London home now. Did I ever think once that London would feel like home? Not really, I have sort of thought that London would be cool but that a city so big wouldn’t feel like home to me; especially since Toronto/Burlington and now St. Catharine’s/Niagara are about 5,700 km from London and from here it costs hundreds of dollars/pounds to go home.

I know now that home is and never has been place, home is with the people who you love regardless of any walls of any kind. Walls are things that make the world smaller, and that keep you in your comfort zone. Walls are just walls, a city is just a place and home is a state of mind. And life is an experience we shouldn’t wish away so easily, we should deeply enjoy the time we get with the people we love, and be happy we have good memories to look back on.

We should be careful about who we lend our time to because you can’t get time back. Can I look back and say “Yes, I always made the right choices?” No, but I can look back and say that I am not missing out on my life. The last chapter of my life has no bearing on how the next chapter plays out.

Hopefully when I come back from Canada I will have more luck finding a new job and I won’t need to move home to Canada. I have so much more to do and see in Europe before I will be ready to move home. I would love to be able to go to Barcelona in October with Hannah and whoever else. Also I want to go to Amsterdam this year if I can swing it. I need a job so badly and I hope I find something before my time in England runs out…

xx Hailey


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