Going to Paris

May 12/16

I am officially off to Paris tomorrow at noon with Riley! So excited to finally go to Paris after years of waiting to go. I spent last night with Liam and I already miss him, I just  want a cuddle and to kiss him, but I have to get up early to so to St. Pancras Station tomorrow morning to get the Eurostar train, which is the beginning of my birthday weekend in Paris!!! I am doing the things I’ve wanted to do for years, literally years.

I kissed him goodbye just this morning and but I’m falling for him… like a complete idiot. I really am hopeless when it comes to him, I have no idea how this will end… I just hope I can take it gracefully. I just really want to keep him in my life because we are pretty close despite everything and regardless of us hooking up.

He has very quickly become someone really important to me. I trust him and I have let him see sides of me I don’t tend to let people see, but he has broken down my walls. Even my closest friends don’t know me like that. I just wish that I could prepare myself for the let down at the end of this… but its one of those things where you will never be ready, you just have to let it happen.

xx Hailey


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