Fired and off to Ireland the next day

April 29/16

It’s been a week since I was let go from my job at the publishing company and it still feels foreign. I’m not a fan of this feeling but that seems pretty obvious to feel this way. I’ve started job hunting now and I have an interview next week with a major salon company based in London.

I was in Dublin, Ireland from Saturday until Monday and I already miss it and want to just go back. Probably the most alcoholic holiday I’ve ever been on in my entire life haha. Ireland was such a nice getaway after being fired from my job…I wish we went for longer. The hotel room was insane, our room was upgraded to a suite with two floors, so posh.

I got to see basically everything I wanted to see while I was there. Trinity College, The Guinness Storehouse, St Stephen’s Green, Temple Bar (the actual bar and the district, since we stayed in the Temple Bar district), Grafton Street, Dublin Castle, The Old Jameson Distillery, and a few more pubs and what not. I was so excited to see the city my grandfather grew up in and where he went to school (at Trinity College).

The whole experience felt surreal, like a too good to be true dream. It was really nice being able to go with Liam, he even bought me an Ireland key ring with a spinning clover to add to my key chain collection. Matches quite nicely with my Pirates of the Caribbean keys lol. Ireland was a love affair…

And now for the good, the bad and the ugly. The good part is that I have had some extra time with Liam, he took a look at my CV as he has been doing some hiring lately and he was impressed with my CV and cover letter. I cooked for him one night as well and he said I did a good job. When we were in Ireland my alcohol tolerance got better and he was impressed that I can drink more now, also that I have such good directional skills since we didn’t get lost in Ireland, even though that can be the best was to see a new city.

The bad is that tonight will be my last night with him… I’m not prepared for this to end and its made worse by the fact that I know he is ready to let of this, of us… Also getting fired has not  helped the situation whatsoever,

The ugly will likely set in next weekend when I feel shitty and have no one cuddling me to make me feel better… and no friends to help me drink to feel better. My life feels like it’s falling to pieces in slow motion and all I can do is sit back and watch it burn, as I do when life kicks me hard in the stomach. My life seems as crazy as British weather. I think after Liam and I  are over I will use my journal as a way to let out my feelings because I won’t talk to Liam about them anymore… it wouldn’t matter either way…

xx Hailey


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