Valentine’s Day Weekend

February 13/16

So I have decided that I do like that guy I work with….his name is Liam nad he grow up in a small city on the coast near Bristol. I really like him but he doesn’t share my feelings… wish he did because he would have been a good partner in crime. I went out with him last night, he was teaching me to play pool and how to shoot more accurately. He actually took me back to his flat for the night. He wanted to bed me but since I couldn’t (because I had my period… ugh) he cuddled with me instead and we kissed, and talked. He said he wants to be friends with me. I hope I can put aside the feelings I have for him and be a real friend… I hope that soon I can find the guy that will be wild with me, a man who respects me and loves me whole heartedly. I realize now, after last night that I have missed having someone to hold me, and kiss me at night. I really hope I find someone like that.

xx Hailey


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