The Perfect Date

March 22/16

It’s Tuesday and it’s a short week because of Easter! Only two more work days until the weekend.  On that note lets talk about last weekend, Best weekend ever! Friday was work drinks and after I went to Soho with Julia and Lauren.

Liam was supposed to come meet Julia and Lauren but he never came which made me upset and being upset like that when you have bipolar is just misery, so I was a bit off after that. I was mad really so I decided to just go home. When I got to Bromley South station Liam called me  and convinced me to go over to his place. When I got there I was still obviously upset that he didn’t come out to meet my friends as he said he would. He knew I was upset and he forced me to tell him why I was unhappy, he forced me by hugging me and kissing me and holding me and telling how he could see I’m not fine as I said I was.

Saturday Liam met me and Julia and her boyfriend Jake in Covent Garden for a drink before going out for a fancy dinner he had planned for us. I had gotten dressed up too, in a skirt and Julia had helped me with my makeup. We went to a super cute little family run Italian place and the food was delicious! We split a bottle of prosecco between us, and some chocolate cake.

After dinner we wandered around central London towards Charing Cross and Waterloo station. The whole time we were out it felt like a date, and as though he was my boyfriend… it felt real, like the best date ever… mind fucks abound lol but it was nice to be treated and the whole situation is fun at the moment. There is a bridge from Charing Cross to Waterloo and South Bank that we walked along, we were looking over the Thames together, he was behind me talking to me and kissing me and joking about showing my Big Ben and the London Eye. Those moments are 100% priceless in my mind. It was the perfect date, the best date I’ve ever been on.

xx Hailey


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