March 5/16

I can’t believe its March already… time really does fly when you are working. It’s Saturday night, I’m heading out to Sky Garden with Riley for the night – girls night out, some cocktails and all the fun things girl get up to late at night!

I booked Monday off so I can have some serious alone time with Liam, he’s going to “work from home” AKA sleeping with me while doing some work haha which works for me. I get to be with him, sleep with him and enjoy my time with him. I’m really excited to see him tomorrow night and Monday. We are in a good place and we might go to Denmark together in April, which is super excited for me because I’m addicted to going to new countries!

I’m still waiting to plan Paris because things aren’t working out right now. Soon I will plan this trip because I have been dying to go to Paris since forever! Julia and Lauren might plan a trip to Ireland and I may go with them, so many adventures to go on and I’m home bound in three months to see Kali, mom, dad, nana and the rest of my family. Everything looks pretty good from where I’m standing. I can’t wait!

xx Hailey


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