For the longest time

March 17/16

Yesterday I slept at Liam’s, on a Wednesday night because he needed a cuddle, which is beyond cute. Guys don’t really booty call you to cuddle with you, and kiss you passionately… these feelings I’m having are starting to scare me, I think it’s ridiculous to not do something because you’re afraid. I’m pretty confident my heart will hurt after this but I’m not letting go of this either.

I am so scared I am falling into this pit of emotions… I haven’t felt like this in a very long time. He calls me, he wants me to come over because he needs a cuddle, he cuddles me when he’s waking up. He looks me in the eyes, and I feel like he sees me and nothing else, not my bipolar, not a fucked up mess, just me. He never judges me and when I’m falling apart he just hugs me and kisses me and makes me feel safe. he makes me feel really good, and no one else has done that in what feels like an eternity. Caleb made me feel like shit about myself, like I was irrelevant, Liam is so much nicer to me.

xx Hailey


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