Weekend not panning out

March 6/16

So this weekend has gone pretty down hill… Riley spent friday with her sister, last night all of the trains she could have taken into central London were cancelled so we Skyped instead of going to Sky Garden. I honestly didn’t mind Skyping instead of going out. It’s hard for her since she lives really far out of central London, not even within a zone. I just really wanted to go to Sky Bar which is in Sky Garden, I’m seriously hoping that the rest of my weekend goes better since I booked tomorrow off for Liam, he actually asked me to book it off spur of the moment on Thurday night.

I’m really at peace with everything right now though, so nice to feel grounded. I’m excited about seeing Liam tonight. I really miss him, not like I have been recently though. It’s like my brain has had a change of heart, or like I’m almost not in the mood. I really need to work on this part of me because whoever finds it easier to walk away wins, its a sickening way to think about a relationship I know, but its honest. I need to be willing to let this go when the time comes since I’m not that needy girl who needs a man to validate her. I can validate myself because I’m strong and independant, made blatantly obvious by the fact that I moved to England by myself.

xx Hailey


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