September 17/15

Let’s start with how packing feels very weird.  My bookshelf is nearly empty when it used to be completely filled. Next is how I hope that every day in England is a new adventure. Every day should be a new adventure because I will be exploring a city I have never been to before. It sounds silly to move to a country you have never been to before, but I guess that’s in my personality and my genetics. Some people look at me moving to England as being close to completely suicidal because it’s a big risk, with no guarantee of anything.

Maybe I am just crazy, but I hope it’s the good kind. I have no idea as to how this will play out, but maybe knowing your future or being predictable isn’t always best. Nana and Papa both moved pretty far from home at about my age and they have led amazing lives, the kind you don’t get to have if you always try to make things easy on yourself. I hope this move pays off and that I get to have the best experiences of my whole life while I’m there. Tomorrow is another day that I get to move closer to what I want, moving and all, even if it is kind of annoying right now.

xx Hailey


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