September 2015

September 10/15

I never imagined that four walls could make me so sad about leaving. I’m going to experience so many things and I can can think about is these four walls that make up my bedroom or washroom or kitchen and living room. How small of a thing to think about… I was fine in University, although I came home almost every weekend; It’s harder to come home from England. This is an opportunity I never thought I would have, and here I am ready to pack up and go wherever life leads me next. It’s strange driving to work and not college, I am learning that my life is moving on and I should move with it. I’m strong, confident and hopeful for this new chapter in my life. When does this madness end? Where will I go and what will I do when I move? I hope I sort it out before I go, it will help me get my life in England started. In the mean time I need to start packing.

xx Hailey


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