Moved to London

October 29/15

I continue to forget to write in here really… On that note I will begin, I arrived in London just 2 weeks ago today (on October 15th 2015). So far this has been amazing, I get along with my flatmates – they seem to like me too! Kate and Eric have been really nice a very helpful since I’ve been in London. My flat is sort of small, but cute and I have two cats, Jack and Chloe. I love London so much already, and I can’t wait to do some more exploring!

I never imagined my life could, or would be like this. On my own and living my life on my own terms. No boyfriend to hold me down, or anything else to stop me. It’s always fun to be free-spirited in that way. My whole life has changed from simple events, like Caleb leaving me and overcoming bipolar disorder. Managing my bipolar has been a big struggle for me and I’ve changed my life because of that struggle. I’m starting to settle in now, and looking for a job in my field. I miss stuff from home, but home is more of a feeling than a place, I would know living so far from home. I really miss Kali, but first I have adventures to go on.

xx Hailey


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