Here’s to a New Year

January 1/16

Here is to starting this year off right. Resolutions?….Why?…Because I have goals and things I want to do instead of resolving to do something better this year. Real goals: to progress in my career and make friends in the UK.

Reflecting on 2015: It’s kind of hard to explain the last year because my whole life has changed, 2 months of the last year have been spent outside of my home country, almost 6,000 km away from home to be more precise.

It’s been life changing to be away from home for my favourite holiday that I have always spent with my entire family – Christmas. It’s amazing that I have been able to become apart of my British family so seamlessly. It’s so crazy how I found my British family and how I have kind of been semi adopted.

2015 has definitely been a big year in my life, one of big changes, crazy decisions and total leaps of faith, maybe more like bounds of faith and courage – the kind only spoken about in novels – trading in my Canadian life for a new United Kingdom life.

2016 will be the marker for the beginning of my life as I know it. My life has been changed, the moment I said goodbye to mom and dad and boarded the plane to London Heathrow. my life’s journey was altered so I can sit here in West Wickham, Kent, United kingdom and journal about my insane life. Sometimes I guess in this life we have to break the mold and live a little bit bigger. I want this year to change my life again because life is not made to be lived within your comfort zone all of the time.

So I am kissing 2015 goodbye, and I am waiting for 2016 to be a game changer.

Happy New Year!!!

and one step at a time, I’ll be waiting for signs that my life is changing again.

xx Hailey


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