Let’s start from May 2015

May 20/15

Eight or nine months ago I never dreamed I would be applying to internships in the England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. I didn’t believe I had the courage to jump at even the smallest chance to leave everything I know to throw myself into the unknown. I thought this dream wasn’t big enough, and that my ambition would never carry me to try it. I was wrong, and thank god I was because I will always know I tried, and tried my best toto reach for my dreams. Hannah is in Germany and I will do my damnedest to go visit her and do one better and move closer, even if only for a few months. My Passport is in New York currently and when I get it back I will apply for citizenship to Ireland finally, after a year of working on it. I’m making things happen for myself and I’m very proud of myself for it regardless of the outcome now. I’ll keep praying for England, and to be closer to Hannah.

xx Hailey


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